Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-op Day 3

To sum this surgery up in a simple phrase: grossly underestimated. My bad. I should have known that 3 hours (or what turned out to be 4 hours) of surgery was not going to be a walk in the park. I've had much more pain than I expected. Saturday I decided to take darvocet. I hate the way the oxycodone makes me feel. I was in pain most of the day, but not crippling pain. Strangely, I've had absolutely zero pain in my breasts where he did the most work. My abdominal incision hurt on Saturday somewhat, but the lipo sites in my back and where he did the fat grafts above my breasts have been excruciating.

I know, I know... Don't be a hero. Honestly, that's not what I was going for. So yesterday I took the oxycodone. Yup, that does the trick. No pain whatsoever. But oh my lord! I lost about 4 hours yesterday afternoon. Just wiped from my memory. Gary had to work and set everything up for me. Dinner was ready to go; all my pills around me; phone; everything. He even had the neighbors call to check on me (thanks Gwen & Aric!) Getting up was no problem because I wasn't hurting, but I had the where-with-all to focus through the drug induced haze. Good news is I wasn't wobbly on my feet.

Gar is home today. The doctor says I can shower (yea!) so that is my goal for today. Easy does it... easy does it.


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