Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hi Y'all!

So sorry I've been absent of late. School and work have kept me incredibly busy over the last few months, but I've finally come up for air. Last semester was only 8 weeks long, but it felt like an eternity! I've been killing two birds with one stone though. Johns Hopkins is allowing me to submit a grant proposal as my capstone project (masters thesis.) This works out great because Career Puppy is applying for a federal grant. So I've spent the last several months putting the grant together; a feat I do not wish on anyone! Do you know you have to learn an entirely NEW language just to write a federal grant?! Because no one speaks english they way they expect you to write this thing!! I'll spare you all of the gory details, but after much blood, sweat, and tears, we finally submitted it this past week. Ahhhhhhh..... What a gorilla off my back! Now we just have to wait 5 months to see if we got it.

This semester is going much better. I only need 6 credits to graduate in May, so I'm considered half-time at school. A breeze compared to the last few months. I'll be presenting my capstone to students and faculty on May 9th (send good vibes my way...) Graduation is just around the corner too on May 20th and 21st. I can't believe it is finally here. I look back to Jan. 06 and can't even fathom how much has passed through my life since then.

Oh yes, and if you happen to be anywhere near on Saturday, May 23rd, my lovely husband is having a graduation party for me that day. Come one, come all!! I'd love to celebrate with every one of you!