Friday, March 28, 2008

Step by Step Improvement

A week has now gone by since surgery. I'm still sore and my torso looks (and feels) like I've been hit by a car. I'm moving much better. Walking a little down to the water and have been off pain medication since Wednesday. I'm still quite stiff though.

After that glorious shower the other day I decided to ditch the abdominal binder. It continually rides up and Dr. Rodriguez told me to wear it until the pain went away. I was sore, but not in excruciating pain, so as long as I was resting I left it off. Well I saw him yesterday. Gary had to work so I drove myself. Who thought that being in a car could be so uncomfortable. I guess this is my week to underestimate things...

They removed the stitches from my breasts. Wow, that man is an artist!! Absolutely amazing! The man-made stuff looks better than what I had before. Really! I still have steri-strips across the abdomen and heinous bruising across my chest and lower back, but it's already lost that eggplant purple hue and is starting to get that bruised banana look. Anyway, I'm to wear the binder AND the bra for several weeks. (Insert twisted frowning face here.) He explained that I will need to compress the outer layers of skin to the deeper tissue until they adhere. Oh, and no pressure on the nips either, so the 1950's Sears Catalog / Madonna inspired underwear is in my near future as well.

I can return to work Monday, but I can't drive which should be interesting as I live an hour commute 1-way to the office. Also no lifting of more than 5 lbs for 4 weeks. That's going to be a neat trick too considering my laptop weighs more than that. I can walk a do stairs so that's good.

So my surgical days are behind me. The last thing left to do are the tattoos. I've joked with friends that maybe I could do something interesting instead of just areoli... Maybe a daisy, or an 8-ball.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. I know this has been an extremely difficult process for you. Your strength and sense of humor are a true inspiration. On the subject of Tattooos..I met a lady once that had a masectomy and had a vine tattooed around her "flat breast." How about a bunch of grapes- maybe Chardonnay on the right and Pinot on the left?
Love- Amy Funderburk

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