Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prepping for the Next Phase

This Friday I'll undergo the next phase of becoming the Bionic Woman. ("We can rebuild her.") It's not really that dramatic. Even though the surgery will be 3 hours and I'll need to be intubated, Dr. Rodriguez plans to do little more than four revisions; hence the lengthy operation time (refer to Dec. 27th post for what will be done.) It's funny, after a 13 hour surgery I'm sort of thumbing my nose at a mere 3 hours. But I've been reminded by a friend of mine who is a cardiac surgeon that there are far more serious surgeries that take much less time. True, but my surgeon won't have his hands deep inside my torso.

I'm scheduled as the first case which means that Gary and I need to leave the house at 4:30 AM - ouch! But I'll have a nice, fresh, rested doctor. I like it that way. I should be home in time for the evening news and hopefully we'll be able to beat Friday afternoon traffic. I'll be sure that a message gets sent out either by myself or Gar to update everyone. Dr. Rodriguez said I should be back to work no later than Wednesday. See. Piece o' cake!

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you my dear. I'll be thinking of you.