Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Busy Week at the Circus

We had a lot going on this week. On Sunday, my father and his wife (David and Michele) came for the week to help out. I had a busy week at work and really appreciated not having to worry while I was gone during the day. They were very helpful with the mom's basic care needs, plus pitched in with household stuff as well. Needless to say, my diligent attention to housekeeping has gone by the wayside lately. They were wonderful in helping with dishes, dog walking, and even the dreaded "poop patrol" in the yard. (Thanks Dad!!!) They also did some relaxation techniques with mom. Dad, a former massage therapist, was able to really help mom with sore muscles. Michele, who has advanced knowledge in Reiki (an energy technique used in alternative medicine,) worked on her for quite some time. Mom said she felt very relaxed and energized after they finished.

That wasn't the only goings on. Mom had several visitors as well. On Monday, her cousin Regina and her husband Bill drove all the way from Front Royal, VA for a short visit. Despite her lack of stamina for such visits, mom was so happy to see them and they had a wonderful visit. Later in the week Regina's brother Robert and his lady friend Cindy stopped by for a visit. Mom looks forward to these visits so much even though they usually have to be cut short because she becomes quite fatigued. But the lift they give to her spirits is good medicine.

I had a few lifts myself this week. I received several "care packages" from Charleston. My friend Amy sent some "relaxing" lotion and one of the best cards I've seen in a while (hilarious!) And Amie, Ashley and Jennifer, ("The Martini Princesses") sent a box of Charleston love. (Thanks for the Benne wafers guys!!) For those of you wondering, Benne wafers are a Charleston favorite and you can't get them anywhere BUT Charleston. If you have the means to get them, I highly suggest you do! They are heaven!!

As far as "health" news, there isn't much to report. Mom is still doing the same; some days are good, others not so good. I'm still waiting for a surgery date... nothing to be alarmed at. The breast surgeon has to coordinate a date with the plastic surgeon who has been out of town. I should know something soon. I met with the genetics counselor last Wednesday. She affirmed most of what I'd already knew or had read. I plan to have the blood test done next week. More waiting, but we'll have plenty to keep us occupied. Mom has an appointment to get a calcium infusion Monday. Her best friend is coming mid-week to help. And three of my girlfriends are coming next weekend to "surround me with love and healing."

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