Friday, September 21, 2007

Sideshow Dog

Okay, this is my lame attempt at a sideways homage to "The Simpson's." In every circus there is a sideshow. Although, the Center Ring has been all consuming in our lives, the insanity of life still marches on.

Roundabout Wednesday, this lovely pup comes wandering up to our door. Skinny, scared and cowering, she was immediately appreciative of any and all attention Gary and I gave to her. In fact, she was completely starved for affection. Suckers as we are for the four-legged types, we brought her on the porch, gave her water and food and cleaned up her face. We called the pound, the SPCA and the 2 local vets in town, but no one had reported a missing pup fitting her description. We thought about taking her to the pound, but if they get full they start to euthanize. Just the thought of any animal being in a cage just makes our skin crawl, so we decided to "foster" her for the time being. There was an old dog house left under our porch, so Gary fished it out, cleaned it off and before we could even get the top on she jumped in! So now we have a house guest we are sheltering and feeding until someone adopts her (you know who you are!)

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