Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Star of the Big Top Shines Brightly

Just a quick note about mom... I took her to have a chest x-ray today. Her pleural effusion had returned. They were able to squeeze us in to outpatient surgery to have it drained. Although she woke up much more energetic today, it tuckered her out to be up and about so long. But the procedure provided a lot of relief in her breathing. Her appetite was quite good today. And I completely forgot in the blog yesterday, but Gary weighed her and SHE HAS GAINED 2 POUNDS!! This is absolutely fantastic as now she is tipping the scales in the triple digits again! This has been no small effort on her part. She always tries to eat even just a few bites even when she can hardly stand to look at food. She is definitely the star of the big top today!