Friday, August 31, 2007

More Fun in the Center Ring

So my 30 minute MRI turned in to 2 1/2 hour affair. No issues, just mostly waiting. I had to be injected with gadalidium so they could see the cancer better. When they injected it, I felt a little warm and tingly, however the thing I noticed most was the distinctive taste of burning dog hair in the back of my throat. Of course, how I would know exactly what burning dog hair tastes like is beyond me. A very strange experience indeed. I won't know results until next week sometime...

I've been blessed during my life not to have had any major health issues. So I'm marveling at all of the new considerations that have to be made daily. And even about the simplest of things. For instance, having been married nearly 10 years I've not had to pay a whole lot of attention to daily underwear selection. I became blatantly aware today that is something that needs careful consideration before showing up to any medical appointment. Hospital gowns are not known for their, well, coverage. So wearing the big ol' granny undies might be a bit embarrassing. But waltzing in with skimpy Vickie's Secrets could also be a faux pas. And you really have to scrutinize those comfy cotton ones for any blow outs too. This really does take critical planning! My husband said that the undies with the days of the week would probably be safe. But again, you can't just reach in the drawer and grab whatever. Say it's Thursday, but you put on Monday. This could spell disaster as the MRI tech's might assume that you are confused and try to do an MRI of your head instead! So I'm learning that it takes a lot of planning and coordination to be sick.

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