Tuesday, August 28, 2007

...Still Waiting

Well, I had a 3 hour appointment today, but I'm still not any closer to knowing what is going to happen. I met most the "Breast Cancer Team" today. This consists of the surgeon, the radiation oncologists, the program coordinator, and a volunteer. This is a teaching institution so I didn't even list the residents and fellows. AND I didn't get to meet the medical oncologists or the plastic surgeon (vacation time ya know.) Essentially this was just a 'meet n' greet.' They discussed ALL of the options with me, however the upshot is they just can't make any concrete determinations of what I need until I have an MRI, which is scheduled for Friday. They would then like me to meet with the oncologist and the plastic surgeon, just so I can make a completely informed decision. I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon on 9/13, so I'm certain that NOTHING is going to happen prior to then.

So in a nutshell, my options are as follows:

  • Lumpectomy and radiation - They remove the "offensive" tissue and conserve as much of my breast as possible. Then I would have radiation. This can either be external (they would light me up once a day for 6 weeks) or there is a study that they could put a balloon of sorts into the area that they took out and inject that balloon with liquid radiation (radiator fluid?) for twice a day for 5 days.
  • Mastectomy with reconstructive surgery: They lop that sucker off and stick on a new one. No, really... They would remove the "offensive" tissue along with everything else and then, during the same surgery, they reconstruct a new one. This can be done in a few ways: first is the usual method that is favored by SO many in Hollywood (can you say implant), or they can take "belly fat" (their words, not mine) and make a more natural breast out of... ME. During this explanation all I could think of was, "Can they take it from my ass? I've got plenty there to spare!" I'll save that question for the plastics guy.
Either one of these options are still on the table. Usually they would suggest the first option, but because I'm so "young" my chances of recurrence are higher. Again, they urged me to wait to make any sort of decision until the MRI results are back. It may give us reason to lean in one direction more than the other.

So again, we wait. I have to say I am still upbeat, but a little disappointed we aren't closer to resolving this. Again with the patience stuff. Hurrumph!!!


Kelly Corrigan said...

Hi Stephanie,

I would like to connect with you about something important. Can you email me at kelly@circusofcancer.org?

Thanks so much. At your convenience, of course.

Kelly Corrigan

Walker James Cashon said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so impressed with your attitude. In times like these you really find out how tough you are. Thank you for creating this blog so we can check your progress. Miss you!