Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome to the Bigtop

I stumbled across a great website this morning. "The Circus of Cancer." Kinda gives me an idea of what I'm in for... I never did like the circus. Well, Cirque de Soliel was cool. But Barnum and Bailey freaked me out a little. I think it was the clowns.

I'm inserting a link about how to talk to a friend with cancer. I feel like much of it is very good information. I can't begin to say how much everyone's support strengthens me. If I'm feeling low, I can just replay the voicemail or read the email sending encouragement and I feel better. But surprisingly, I find it a little overwhelming at times. So please don't be offended if I don't immediately return phone calls or e-mails. After reciting the story of my diagnosis for the 15th or 20th time, I become a little exhausted. And I'm sure the repeated conversations are weighing on my family also. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this, even in my household of 3 there are drastically differing attitudes, emotions, and questions among us. Something I've gleaned from many websites is that a lot of patience is required to get through. Patience was never my strongest virtue, but I guess God is really gonna teach me that lesson this time!


Victor said...


My prayers are with you! You will get through this because of your great personality, wonderful family and the support of your friends here @ UMMC. Much Love!

Don't give up, Don't Ever Give Up!


Kimberly Schwartz said...

Dear Stephanie: Thank you for taking the time to tell me personally about your diagnosis. I read your entire blog, ( my first official jouney onto a blog site!) and am so impressed with your attitude. My only comment so far is not to rule out the topless dancing, wait until you see the plastics guy before you rush into anything! Also, great of you to spread the word about not putting off that mammogram. I will be sending you all of my positive energy. You are very strong and with such a strong husband, it does make a difference. love, Kimberly