Monday, October 1, 2007

Another Outing...

Another appointment day for mom. She had to get an infusion to help correct her calcium. Since she has some possible cancer spots on her bones, the calcium is shifting from her bone into her blood so her blood levels of calcium are higher. Her doctor ordered once a month injections that will help the calcium move back into the bone. Getting comfortable has been a frequent problem for her; she's just got no meat on her bones! But we had some bright spots today. She said the infusion chair was very comfortable. (Bonus! Can we get one at home?) And when I told her that her Medicare kicked in today, she squealed with glee. It was very cute. She said she was feeling stronger than she'd felt in a while. It was, of course, Chik-fil-A day. On the way home I asked if she was up to stopping by a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and mums. She loves the white Cinderella Pumpkins. Although she stayed in the car, it was a beautiful afternoon and she enjoyed watching me walk around picking just the right one. I found one that looked just like Cinderella's carriage (after midnight, of course!)

She was fatigued when we got home, but insisted that she get up the stairs on her own volition. She said that she is angry and frustrated today at her infirmity. She wants to have more energy. I think this expression is a good one. It illustrates that she wants to fight! I like that!! After resting a while, she stood up and with Gary's help walked to the stairs. I tended her "leash" as we call it (her oxygen tubing.) I'm usually helping her so I was struck by all of the activity in the rear. The three dogs were following her up the stairs matching her slow pace, not falling one step behind. There was barely enough room for me! Gary called them the pace team. They were all so concerned and looked like they would catch her if she missed just one step. Good helper dogs!

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