Sunday, October 21, 2007

Follow-up and Answers to Other Questions

I have several questions about previous postings, so I figured I'd respond because you may all be asking the same thing.

First, a report on the pup that wandered up last month. After two near-successful attempts, we've not been able to adopt out Lola, the rottie that "found" us. We keep saying there is no way we can
have 3 dogs, but after a month with us, she has inched her way into our household and our hearts. She has graduated from a rope as a leash to a full blown collar and leash of her own. She has her own bandana now (like the other girls), and she even has moved from a stainless steel mixing bowl to her very own dish. She's getting along just fine with the other dogs and Hudson, who usually wants nothing to do with strange dogs, is tolerating her very well, thank you. She has the sweetest disposition and we have just fallen in love with her. So Lola is officially off the market.

Mom has had a bit of difficulty lately. Mostly because her lungs have filled back up with fluid. We are looking forward to having the procedure done this week that should help things. Despite her fatigue, she is making wonderful progress. I've been taking photos of her wound. I've cropped these to show just under her arm where she had many small tumors. As you can see the second picture (taken today) the tumors are gone! This has happened in just under 4 weeks!! She still has a very long way to go, but progress is progress.

Life these days is all about improvising and adapting. When we ordered the Enercel (the homeopathic) we knew it would be given IV, but the thought never occurred to me how we were going to hang the stuff until the day it arrived. So this is what we came up with. Yes. That is a whisk! And no, we've not had scrambled eggs since mom started the Enercel. Hey, whatever works, ya know?

We've been told by so many that they are praying for us. Mom has a hard time keeping it straight because there are just so many. So, someone suggested we get a map. It took me forever to find just the right kind. A regular road map was too big for the wall, so I looked for a children's map. I looked everywhere, but no luck. Finally, I went into a local toy store. They said they didn't have any maps, but as I was walking out, the clerk said, "We have a placemat with all the states." It was perfect. You can see here what I've done so mom can see it from across the room. She loves it and it is SO impressive.

Many of you have been asking for our address. Here is the information:

PO Box 824
North Beach, MD 20714

Keep your emails and calls coming. We look forward to every single one!

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Anonymous said...

Pictures really are worth a 1000 words! Yay!!!!
Congratulatins on the awesome progress, Carolyn. Keep up the faith & keep fighting!! Results like that must help SO MUCH with your outlook. It is just so hard for those of us who are not standing in (both of) your shoes to fathom the tremendous physical & psychological trauma you are all experiencing-- we won't even pretend to. Just know that our hearts, souls, & love are pouring out to all of you.
Our highest thoughts & prayers to Carolyn w/ the procedure on her lungs this week.
The Shannon Family
ps: Steph,I'd expect nothing less of your (or Gar's) show of creativity w/ the whisk! Lola is precious- she's supposed to be in your life. Love all the posted photos, really helps bring us in a little.