Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hero of the Bigtop

Not enough has been said or written about the biggest hero of this entire ordeal... my husband Gary. This is a man who spends his nights in the ER saving lives; or as he jokingly says when he heads off to work, "I'm going to stamp out lives and save disease." Otherwise he'd put himself out of a job. There isn't much rest for the weary these days as he comes home to take care of my mom and me. This man has tirelessly cooked, cleaned, and run errands well above the call of duty. And all without a single complaint. He also has provided compassionate and loving care to his mother-in-law. He fixes her whatever meal she requests, empties her bedside commode, and patiently helps her up and down the stairs.

He has been dealt a seriously crappy hand. A wife about to undergo major surgery and a nearly bedridden mother-in-law. I try to tell him thank you regularly, but it just doesn't seem enough. My gratitude goes so deeply, words are just a bit lame. How in the world did I get so lucky?

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Deb in Atlanta said...

Damn straight. Gary is the BOMB! We're there for all 5 of you, the girls included.

Lots of love headed north from Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Witty One, Deb in Atlanta and The Diva (who is a chip off the old blocks, dontcha think?)