Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are There Roller Coasters at the Circus?

My dear, dear friends and family. How could I possibly be so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people? Your messages of support, your tears through the ether, your phone calls have all been so appreciated. I have cried while reading your memories of Mom and your words of encouragement for me and the 'Support Team.' You are all the 'medicine' I need to cure my broken heart. I may need to take it for a while, but it will help to mend it back together in time.

I am taking care of myself. But this morning Gary and I had to drive to Baltimore to complete the arrangements for Mom's remains. Laying awake last night in the wee hours, my arm brushed my abdominal incision. It was very tender. I knew without even getting out of bed exactly what it meant. I have developed an infection along my incision. This was confirmed when I looked at it when I got up this morning. Red, swollen, tender. On the way to Baltimore I called my doctor. He was able to squeeze me in after Gary and I left the funeral home, God bless him! He gave me an antibiotic which he thinks will take care of things, but he gave me his number to call him this weekend to check in and let him know how I'm doing (he is truly wonderful!) I'm having quite a bit more pain and the infection was probably the source of the pain I've been having since Thanksgiving Day.

I should have named the blog 'Stephanie's Carnival' since there aren't any roller coasters at the circus. This has definitely been a roller coaster ride. But I plan on staying in and focusing on healing myself over the next days and weeks. My wounds; my heart.

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