Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today's News

After the marathon visit of 8 or so hours on Sunday, I was utterly drained. I mustered the strength to make it to the couch, but that was about it. I slept on and off, but seemed to feel just as tired. While I am continuing to heal and make gains in my recuperation, I just don't have the stamina yet to put in a full day.

Monday morning I had a call from Lizzy Lou (one of the Loser Diva's) of the Left Coast. As luck would have it she and her lovely daughter were heading to Buffalo within hours to spend Thanksgiving with her brother and his family, and she had a layover in Baltimore. Making an impromptu decision, she chose to miss her second flight so she could come shower Mom with love, kisses, and a serenade or two. I gave her directions to the hospital. They jumped in a rental and high-tailed it to Annapolis. They sang several songs including 'Santa Baby' and the 'Green Acres' theme song. I know Mom was loving it and laughing along inside! She and Lovely Daughter then headed to North Beach to shower us with love and kisses for the evening. It was wonderful and we had a sleep-over last night with them in the loft above our bedroom. They continued on the second leg of their journey today.

We had a short visit with Mom today. We jumped through a few hoops to get permission for Ripley to visit 'Granddogma' but it was very worth it. They had turned down Mom's morphine drip in hopes to decrease the sedation so she could enjoy the visit, but she is so sensitive to the drugs that it gave her only minimal change. She nonetheless is still comfortable. She was fully aware of her fuzzy visitor though. She smiled when we came into her room and told her that Ripley was in tow. Ripley also arched her head and stared at Granddogma when we came in also. We put her on the bed and she sniffed and sniffed. She inched forward to Mom's face and gave her sweet little kisses. Mom squeezed my hand. After a few minutes of sniffing and licking, Ripley became very upset and wanted Gary to hold her. She kept darting her eyes toward Mom and burying her head under Gary's neck. After a while, she wanted to get back on the bed and she laid by Mom's side.

Ripley was very quiet on the ride home. Normally angling for the front seat, she climbed in the back with Sandra and curled up. I know how she feels. Even though this visit was just an hour I'm beat. These visits are emotionally exhausting, but being at home just waiting isn't much better. The Support Team are just as busy as bee's around me. Sandra and Deb are Gary's right and left hand girls right now. They clean, fluff, launder, cook, and do any other necessary household or outside errands for us. It is so good to have them here now.

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