Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Days...

I was feeling fairly energetic yesterday, so I decided I wanted to go see mom for a short visit. My walker had been delivered Friday evening and putting all vanity aside, I still didn't think it would make much of a difference in helping me to walk 'hunched over.' Vanity be damned 'cause I'm here to tell you that it gave my lower back such relief that I could have walked for miles with that thing! So in the car Aunt Nell piled me; walker in tow. It felt good to stretch my legs, back and all of the other muscles as well. When we got up to moms room I could hardly believe my eyes! The breathing tube had been removed from her mouth and she had the biggest smile I've seen on her in 10 months!! It was such a beautiful thing to see, I was beside myself with joy!! She was mouthing words a mile a minute. Aunt Nell has a deaf son and does a lot of lip reading, but mom was going so fast that even Aunt Nell couldn't keep up with her. She is definitely returning to her old self, talking a hundred miles a minute, smiling, laughing... Such a wonderful sight to see. She even demanded a nail file, her make-up bag and a mirror, and a box of Bic pens. The doctor said she is definitely on the mend because she is now more concerned with her appearance! I think we have crossed a hurtle and now can start working to get her home. Yea!!!

On the way home, Nell and I continued mom's tradition and stopped a Chik-fil-A for a bite. Every little thing like that I do just makes me feel a little more normal. By the time we got home I was definitely tuckered out. I crawled into bed and had a nice nap. Nell and I had a nice evening (Gary had to work.) But despite having a 'big' day, I didn't sleep very well. I think that while getting out felt good and I thought I was handling it well, it may have been a little too much for me. I'm going to have to learn the exact balance of knowing how much to push and knowing when to stop. I'm amazed at how much energy I'll have, but even a little activity will just kick my butt!! I was quite drowsy this morning and stayed in bed until around 10. Aunt Nell helped me with a shower and I'm going to relax the rest of the day. She has collected all of the things on mom's 'laundry list' and has left for a visit.

I have a couple of days to prepare myself for my next big outing. I have my follow-up appointments with the team on Wednesday. It is going to be a long day in Baltimore. We'll also be picking up Sandra from the airport. She will be returning to assume the role as caregiver from Aunt Nell while she goes home to take care of some business for a few weeks. I have no idea what we would have done with out Aunt Nell. She has been such wonderful support both emotionally and physically! She is such a powerhouse, I can only pray that I will have a fraction of her strength when I'm 80!

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Anonymous said...

You are all an inspiration in how you are handling your situation.
Uncle Lil and Aunt Dave